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Wednesday, September 20th


 Wednesday, September 20th


Golden Spike Event Center - Riding Arena


Time Only Runs: 4-5 pm
Will be sign-up-at-the-gate and must be paid for before your time only runs 
(as long as you are there, you can get on the list, you do not have to be on your horse)

We will be there around 3:15 for you to start signing up


Open Arena: 5:00-5:15 pm (this is NOT guaranteed)

15/50 non-carryovers: 6:40pm
Open Barrels: after 15/50 noncarryovers

Entry Fees
  Open: $35
  15/50: $30
  16-49 (between ages of 16 and 49, carry-over from the open ONLY): $30

  Pole Bending: $30
  Plus $1 per person for insurance
  Time Only Runs: $5 each

Follow the link above to enter. Enter by 5pm on Tuesday, Sept 19th to be in the draw.

We accept cash, check, Venmo ($2 per transaction fee) and credit card (3% fee).


You do not have to be a member to run but if you want to join, memberships will be available in the office, you must have paid your membership before your run to earn points. Thank you!

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