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Saturday, January 14th


  Saturday, January 14th, 2022


  Golden Spike Event Center - Riding Arena

  Ogden, UT

  Time Only Runs: As soon as possible after RMPRA slack that morning until 11:30am (there is no guarantee but 

  typically time onlys have started around 10am in the past)

  First come, first serve and pay-at-the-gate.
  We will do as many as time allows.
  Open Arena: 11:30- 11:45am (this is NOT guaranteed)
  Open Barrels: 12:00 pm
15/50 non-carryovers: after open barrels

  Pole Bending: after 15/50 non-carryovers

**If the warm-up area is frozen, we will open the arena every 28 runners for 5 minutes to warm up**

Entry Fees
  Open: $35
  15/50: $30
  16-49 (between ages of 16 and 49, carry-over from the open ONLY): $30
  Pole Bending: $30
  Plus $1 per person for insurance
  Time Only Runs: $5 each

Follow the link above to enter. Enter by 5pm on Friday, January 13th to be in the draw. Memberships will be available in the office, you must have paid your membership before your run to earn points. Thank you!

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