Wednesday August 5th, 2020


Box Elder County Fairgrounds - Outdoor Arena (weather permitting)​

Time Only Runs: 4 to 5 pm

These will be first come, first serve and pay-at-the-gate

Open arena after time only runs until 5:15pm if there is time

Pole Bending: 5:30 pm

Open arena until 6:25pm if there is time

15/40 non-carryovers: 6:40 pm

Open Barrels: After 15/40 non-carryovers

*times are subject to change

Entry Fees
Open: $35
15/40: $30
Pole Bending: $30
Plus $1 per person for insurance
Time Only Runs: $5 each


Spectators are allowed but PLEASE remember to practice social distancing. 

Follow link above to enter. Please make sure that you receive a reply to verify that your entry has been recorded.

Pre-entries close at 4pm on Tuesday, August 4th. Late entries will be taken at the race with no late fee.

Thank you!