Barn Werx Barrel Bonanza has been changed from July 16th-18th to

September 3rd-5th at the Golden Spike Event Center Rodeo Arena 


Golden Spike Event Center Riding Arena

Ogden, UT

Time Only Runs: As soon as possible after RMPRA slack is over (typically 10am) until 11:40am
First come, first serve and pay-at-the-gate.
We will do as many as time allows.
Open Arena: 11:40AM - 11:50AM
Open Barrels: 12:00PM

15/40 non-carryovers: after open barrels
Pole Bending: after 15/40 non-carryovers

Entry Fees
Open: $35
15/40: $30
Pole Bending: $30
Plus $1 per person for insurance
Time Only Runs: $5 each

Pre-entries close at 4pm on Friday, November 20th. Late entries will be taken at the race with no late fee.

Membership forms will be available at the race. For points to count towards year-end prizes, membership fees must be paid before you run.

Thank you!

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