Morgan County Fair Barrel Racing & Pole Bending Jackpot


  Thursday, August 5th, 2021


  Morgan County Fairgrounds

  750 E Como Springs Rd, Morgan Utah

  Time Only Runs: 4 - 5:05 pm
  First come, first serve and pay-at-the-gate.
  We will do as many as time allows.
  Open Arena: 5:05 - 5:15pm (this is NOT guaranteed)
  Pole Bending: 5:30pm
  Open Arena: After pole bending until 6:20 if there is time, open arena IS NOT guaranteed
  15/40 non-carryovers: 6:40 pm
  Open Barrels: after 15/40 non-carryovers

Entry Fees
  Open: $35
  15/40: $30
  16-39 (between ages of 16 and 39, carry-over from the open ONLY): $30
  Pole Bending: $30
  Plus $1 per person for insurance
  Time Only Runs: $5 each